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Mosquito Repellant Blank Mat Sheets & Absorbant Pads

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Mosquito Repellant Blank Mat Sheets & Absorbant Pads

We manufacture a quality product in Mosquito Repellent Mat Sheets & Pre Cut Mats on a very highly sophisticated production plant. The entire process of manufacturing is untouched from the pulping stage to the finished product.This is a high precision completely automatic plant which ensures an uniformly produced paper

Our raw material is continuously monitored for quality control. Constant laboratory tests are conducted to check pad porosity, absorbency, and bursting factor & other regular tests. The fibers of our paper & pads are also subjected to a special porous chemically inert wet-strength impregnation process to impart very high mechanical strength.

We can supply our Customer’s required G.S.M right from600 to 1300gsm, required thickness, Porosity and other Technical matters.

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Mosquito Repellant Blank Mat Sheets & Absorbant Pads

Our Raw Material Consists of Cotton Linter Pulp with different Grades, Softwood pulp & Hardwood Pulp with its appropriate percentage.

Our Company has been supplying in most of the reknowned Mosquito Repellent Companies in India & in foreign countries.

Our product was even tested and approved by the leading chemical Manufacturer in Japan for mosquito Repellent mat. 


1. AIR POROSITY TESTER :- It is used for testing and measuring Porosity of Mosquito Mats and Filter Paper.

2. B F TESTER :- is intended for measuring the bursting strength of paper /strong paper board by submitting it to an increasing uniform hydraulic pressure.  This instrument is reliable and designed to produce the result with high accuracy and repeatability by incorporating Electronics Automatic Pressure release system and conforms to international standard.


3. FREENESS TESTER :- is intended for determining the drainage capabilities or beaten pulp and is universally used to check the progress of the beating process and conforms to the International Standard.


4. STIFFNESS TESTER :- is intended for measuring the stiffness and resolution quantities of paper card-board, plastic light metallic sheet spring wire with high sensitivity and precision accuracy ± 1% of full scale range and conforms to the International Standard. 

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