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Wound Filter Cartridge

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Wound Filter Cartridge

Wound cartridges are designed to meet the most demanding filtration duties. Operation Unfiltered fluid passes through depth filter matrix, enables the progressive retention of finer particles,providing high efficiency, high dirt retention &filter life. Fluid flows from outside to inside through filter media. Particulates are held securely in the filter matrix and clean fluid flows to the downstream side of cartridge.

Salient Features

  • Standard and customizes sizes fit most housings
  • Filtration rating from 1 to 100 Micron
  • High strength & pressure resistance
  • Manufactured in continuous length
  • Full range of sizes from 10" to 60" Length
  • Excellent flow with low pressure drop
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Compatible with a wide range of fluids
  • NSF & FDA approved
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Wound Filter Cartridge

Technical Specifications

Sizes10",20",30"40" LongMicron Rating0.5 , 1 , 5, 10, 25, 50 , 75 , 100
Outer Diameter64 mm (2.5") , 114mm (4.5") , 6" ,8"Inner Diameter25mm , 28 mm ,48 mm


  • Double Open Type (DOE Type)
  • Code 7 (226 O Ring Design)


  • Polypropylene with polypropylene core
  • Cotton with stainless steel core


Polypropylene wound filter cartridge

  • Organic Acids
  • Oils
  • Concentrated Alkalis
  • Water
  • Organic solvents
  • Electroplating solution

Cotton wound filter cartridge

  • Vegetable Oils
  • Dilute Acids
  • Organic solvents
  • Portable liquids
  • Alkalis
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Wound Filter Cartridge

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